W H A T Z I T ?

This could prove to be a classical example of researching if it works out. Our British Charlie Chan took some minor clues and, with deduction and logic, will possibly move a true UFO into its rightful place on Aerofiles' pages. Let's see if Blocher has anything to add or subtract.
4/15/04 - Juhn M Jarratt

The plane would seem to have a Hispano Suiza engine, I do not know if you agree. [I agree ... those stacks certainly say "Hisso A," although the thrust-line seems a bit high, which could be a trick of the eye because of that huge cowling.] I am assuming that those photos were taken by Eric Blocher's father. He mentioned with earlier mystery photos that his father had not been much beyond Detroit. This would put the aircraft in Michigan. I have (on file) only one Michigan aircraft with a Hispano engine that is unaccounted for as yet: Ivan E. Pownall (Grand Rapids) Model EK [N11385]. It's a long-shot as I have no proof, but it is a possibility.

To perpetuate this fancy, perhaps some viewer in Grand Rapids will carry the ball further and check out local archives—the Grand Rapids newspaper, library or historical society records, etc. Actual date of the photo was unstated, but my guess is mid- to late-1920s. I lean toward late '20s because that ship has a bit of the "Lindbergh look" to it, which was a popular design after the 1927 NY-Paris flight.
4/26/04 - Eric Blocher

That is my father, Ora G. Blocher, standing by the propeller in the lower of the two photos of #4. I've been playing with the contrast and brightness of the top photo, too, and there is a big "S" on the tail. There is also something written in two lines on the fuselage that I can't make out. The bottom word ends with: "...ments".
5/12/04 - John M Jarratt

Have just found that Pownall EK was sold 1932 to Edward Bouma Jr, 6549 3rd Ave, Detroit. Does this ring any bells with Eric?